Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learns- Parker Tube Class

Instrument Associates offers a number of courses and training seminars for the manufacturers that we represent. Our professionally trained salespeople and one or more of our manufacturers reps will come to your facility and provide a presentation, hands-on training and literature and of course … lunch! Some of our more popular lunch-&-learns are:

Parker Instrumentation Tube Line Fabrication Course

We will provide the basic principles of tube line fabricating with a focus on the proper selection of tubing, bending, assembly and installation of instrumentation tubing and fittings. These classes normally conclude with a Tube Popper Demonstration that proves the quality, burst pressure, and safe assembly of Parker tube fittings.

Krohne Lunch & Learns

Krohne is the premier leader of process measurement solutions. With products that can measure flow, level, pressure and temperature, as well as in-line viscosity measurement and analytic instruments, our product specialists can demonstrate the benefit of these meters in all industrial applications.

Product Demonstrations

Instrument Associates has many mobile product demonstrations available. Review Reotemp Instrument’s full product selection with one of IA’s Outside Sales Managers and the Midwest Regional Sales Manager of Reotemp, right outside of your facility.

Lunch & Learns- Parker Tube Class

Parker Tech Tour

Instrument Associates is pleased to announce the return of the Parker-Hannifin’s Trade Show On Wheels, the Tech Tour showcasing Parker’s innovative motion and control products, systems and services for hands-on, real-world experience right outside your plant door.

Reotemp Mobile Product Demos

Review complete product offerings from Reotemp Instruments, with one of our Instrument Associates Outside Sales Managers and the Midwest Regional Sales Manager of Reotemp at your facility.

Learn About…

  • Pressure Gauges
  • Seals
  • Thermometers
  • Thermowell’s RTDS and Thermocouple Assemblies
  • Pressure Transmitter Seal Repair Programs
  • All Welded Seal Assemblies
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